Daughter of a rich family who traveled to Calimport in order to better her spellcraft.


A young elven lady from a rich parentage. Her parents hired a wizard from Baldur’s Gate to teach her wizardry from a very young age. WARNING: Ever the charmer, Lorelai can usually be found dancing drunk in a bar.

Lorelai (Half-Elf with the Half-Fey Template) Wizard 1 HP 4 AC 11.


Lorelai is a very upbeat person who gets along with men VERY well. She especially enjoys pleasing them. Learning is one of her major passions and heavy social drinking is her major downfall. She enjoys charming any man willing to watch her, men who aren’t in short supply. She can be cynical and facetious especially when deprived of attention. She can be quick-witted and funny, but usually at the perfectly wrong time.


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